Thursday, 31 October 2013

Enjoyable Christmas Games to Play with Your Family

Families wait for Christmas whole year long so that they can get a few days of holidays to spend some time with their family and loved ones. There are several of things of things to enjoy these days such as decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols and cooking luscious meals. Usually after lunch, most of the people sit on their couches and watch television. But it’s not everybody’s choice and you need to keep in mind that this festival should be celebrated with the whole family. So playing Christmas Games is a fantastic idea. Here are three Christmas games that you can play with entire family irrespective of the number of the members or their age.
  • ·         Christmas Charades
Christmas Charades is one of the most common and entertaining games for the occasion. To play this game all family members need to be in a room and choose a theme such as Christmas movies or Christmas songs. Ask all the persons to write one song or movie, as per the chosen theme, on a bit of paper and put them in a box, hat or some other such thing. If your family is quite big, then you should make two teams and if your family is small, you can play it without making any teams. Now what you have to do is to take out the chits one by one and mime. Others will have to guess the name of the movie or the song that you are miming about. The first one to guess it correct would take out the next chit and mime. There should be a time limit of about two minutes. No sounds are allowed at all, failing which can make you out.
  • ·         Christmas Trivia

It’s a very interesting Christmas game. Collect some trivia related to Christmas tree, Christmas celebration, Christmas celebration, Santa Clause etc. and play a quiz based on those trivia. You can announce a good prize at the very beginning of the quiz so that people play it with utmost zeal.
  • ·         Present Scramble
Though these games need some preparations, but the joy it gives is really magnificent. You have to wrap a small Christmas Gift in lots of boxes one over one. Then pick a number and let all the people roll the dice one after one. The very first person to roll the selected number will start to open the boxes with mittens put on. Meanwhile the other persons will keep on rolling the dice and again the next person to roll the picked number will substitute the first one opening the boxes. It will continue till the gift is opened and the last person at that very moment is declared winner and the gift is given away to him.

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