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Diwali And The Goodies The Festival Of Lights Brings Along! Celebrate This Diwali With Gifts To Your Near And Dear Ones

Diwali which is the festival of lights is an auspicious occasion celebrated with much zeal. Don't forget to make it a memorable one for you and your adored ones with a Melange of Diwali gifts. Diwali gifts strengthen bonds and lends one the feeling of being loved and remembered.

Technology trails along its own pluses when during these festive occasions one can avail the delight of planning and ordering gifts online while sitting in the comfort of your home!

Diwali etymologically means
“row of lights” and is observed on the fourteenth day in the dark half of Kartik month. Diwali literally shapes as the time of the year where Folks traditionally celebrate the presence of light.

There stands various rituals and reasons to celebrate Diwali. Nevertheless, one of the oldest grounds is that it marks Lord Rama’s much – awaited and glorious return to Ayodhya-his kingdom following fourteen years of exile.

Diwali is also called as Krishna Chaturdashi and marks Lord Krishna's triumph over the devil Narakaasura who had abducted and terrified the gopis of Vrindavan. It is said that the demon begged for pity and thus Lord Krishna proclaimed that the day of his death would be celebrated with great delight and festivity. It is also accepted that on this day Bhagwan Vishnu married Maa Maha Lakshmi.

Diwali is a 5-day long affair that starts with Dhanteras on the first day (21st October), Choti Diwali on the second day (22nd October), Followed by Laxmi Poojan or Diwali on the third day (23rd October), Padwa or Govardhan Pooja on the fourth day (24th October) and Bhaidooj (25th October) on the fifth day. It is considered propitious to exchange gifts on Dhanteras, Diwali and bhaidooj as it is believed to bring happiness and prosperity in people’s lives. 

What ways to celebrate Diwali on 23rd October 2014?

It certainly goes by without saying that – it is the feeling of love and affection that keeps relationships alive and its no wonder that majority of the Indian festivals are dedicated to the beautiful relationships in life. The relationship shared by a brother and sister is not only considered sacred as per Hindu customs, but is observed twice a year in the form of two well-known festivals -Raksha Bandhan and Bhai dooj.

Celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Dwitiya of Kartik month, Bhaidooj falls on the second day after Diwali and marks the end of five-day long celebration of Diwali. Bhaidooj is known by different names such as Bhav-Bij in Maharashtra, Bhai-pota in Bengal and Bhai Tikka in Nepal. As per various myths, Lord Yamaraj-God of Death paid a visit to his sister Yami on this day. His sister felt extremely happy on seeing her brother and welcomed him by performing traditional aarti ceremony and applying tilak on his forehead. It is believed that Lord Yama bequeathed various gifts to his sister and said that whosoever brother would pay a visit to his sister on this day shall be blessed with riches and long life. Since then, the day is also called as Yam-Dwitiya.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna visited his beloved sister Subhadra after killing demon Narakasura. Subhadra welcomed her brother by performing aarti and applying tilak on his forehead.

As per the prevailing Hindu customs, sisters are visited by their brothers who are handed over with beautiful gifts by their brothers. The ceremony commences with an aarti, after which sisters apply a holy tika in the middle of their brothers’ forehead to protect him from evils. Women, who do not have a brother, offer their prayers to the moon.

Bhai Dooj is a one of the most awaited festivals of India, which provides a nice opportunity for family get-together before the 5-day celebrations of Diwali end. If your brother is residing in India or abroad, you can still send your heartfelt wishes in the form of impressive bhai dooj gifting solutions making use of the online gifting services.

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